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As a result of being very bored and 'NSync vs. BSB has come up recently, I just stumbled over this litle community. Uhm...not having much to say other than the Backstreet Boys are really hot and I for one love hearing them sing. ONce again, Howdy!
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I want AJ to be on the cover of Cosmogirl..but he is way behind! if u want u can vote @

I can't beleive someone else joined this thing! I unjoined becuase I waas tired of being the example of lonliness. HOwever, YAY someone else is in this community! I think I will add you to my friends list and we wil soon see how cool you really are.

Don't get your hopes up kid, I'm not that cool.
Oh Hello! My name Is The Great Kerpatticus The 3rd!!!! I would just like to say, that in this world of many a have come forth to show your true seksuality. I am forever in debt. As my grandmother has said to many many a time "You Fucken Prick Motherfucker"...i beleieves this applies to the Back Street Boys!